Country Life January 4 2017

Our 120th birthday; alien creatures: the good, the bad and the ugly; plus woodcock shooting with pointers.

The Christmas and Food number featuring the ultimate gift guide to finding the perfect present.

Ski and Caribbean number: interiors; the nation's favourite condiments; plus the very best ski properties and pistes.

Sporting & Country number: the joys of walked-up shooting; the sporting trinity; the vinyl renaissance; and the latest in luxury.

The London number: Michael Morpurgo book extract; eating in London; enamel magic; and buying in the mews.

Inspirational interiors; Normans vs Saxons; Simon Jenkins's favourite cathedrals; and falconry.

Autumn gardens; tips on reducing your workload; cooking with wild mushrooms and how to prepare for the shooting season.

Cotswolds issue: hunts, booze, rocks, carpenters and cows; plus vodka-fuelled salmon fishing in Russia.

A day in the life of Radio 4; why we still feel the need for tweed; and farming's future post Brexit.

The Scottish number: Atholl Highlanders, Arisaig Arts-and-Crafts and Orkney mandolins, plus Edward Lear.