Improve your period windows

Instead of replacing draughty period windows with double glazing, choosing secondary glazing can improve heat retention and aesthetics

The country house look

Classic country-house style is making a comeback in a sleeker, more pared-back incarnation, says Giles Kime

Discover the history of your house

Discovering the history of the previous owners, and or guests to your property can be fascinating, but also sometimes grisly. Can you handle the truth?

How to move house

Arabella Youens talks to a removals company who temper the pain of moving house

Fireplaces, flues and chimneys

Fireplaces are often the focus of recpetion rooms and bedrooms within period country houses, so make sure you get yours in good working order

MOT your period house

It's always a great time to take small steps to prevent larger problems developing with your historic house down the line

How to restore a listed building

If you're planning a restoration, or any works on your listed building, make sure you consult our guide to who's who in the business