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About Maternally Yours

Established in 1996, Maternally Yours is the UK’s leading specialist professional agency, providing the very best and most experienced Maternity Nurses for discerning parents-to-be in London, the UK and overseas. We deliver an unrivalled service.

Our rigorously vetted Maternity Nurses provide invaluable support and comfort to help new parents in baby’s first precious few weeks, and establish the all-important routine, laying the foundation for effective sleeping habits in years to come, benefiting the whole family.

Why book A Maternity Nurse?

Parents who choose to book a Maternity Nurse to help them through the first few weeks tell us they feel relaxed and rest assured that baby’s needs are met in every way. They are calm and confident, with a manageable routine in place for parents as well as baby. It is this routine that, when established from the very beginning, lays the foundation for effective sleeping habits that are maintained throughout a child’s growth and development.

About our Maternity Nurses

We place the UK’s most sought after Maternity Nurses who specialise in caring for post-partum mothers and new-born babies alike, working for the most part of 24 hours, five or six days per week, on a live-in basis. We also place Night Nurses if preferred.

All Maternity Nurses undertake a broad range of duties to assist and guide parents in adapting to their new addition, and will:

  • Establish that all important feeding/sleeping/playing routine making baby content, calm and secure
  • Teach and empower parents how to best care for baby and allay any fears
  • Teach mothers how to breastfeed, making sure baby ‘latches on’ correctly and isn’t just ‘comfort sucking’ and losing weight
  • Monitor baby’s weight to ensure healthy and steady weight gain and growth
  • Bring baby to mother during the night if breastfeeding and settle baby allowing mother to go back to sleep
  • Ensure mother has plenty of rest for optimum milk production and post-partum recovery
  • Take care of the nursery, launder bedding and clothing,
  • Sterilise feeding and expressing equipment
  • Identify and assist with common issues/conditions, such as colic and reflux

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Who Do Maternally Yours Professional Maternity Nurses Cater For?

Whether you are first-time parents or have a sibling on the way; if you are expecting twins or even triplets, or if your newborn is due via surrogate delivery or adoption, we will find the perfect Maternity Nurse for you, and can guide you according to your particular circumstances as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed.

Parents also often contact us after baby has arrived. You may have had an emergency C-Section and won’t be as active as anticipated. Or perhaps you are finding the first few weeks challenging, and require help in setting up the all-important routine.

As new parents, you may simply be exhausted and just need a professional Maternity Nurse to give you a much-needed break, or indeed, ‘show you the ropes’.

If your baby has already arrived, we also have a selection of top notch ‘Stand-by’ Maternity Nurses, available to provide the best support for your family as soon as possible.

Our experienced consultants understand how daunting it can be when choosing a maternity nurse for your new arrival and will guide you every step of the way, whatever your circumstances.

Our Criteria

We personally interview all applicants at our Kensington office and those who successfully pass our stringent criteria and background checks are placed on The Maternally Yours Register. We reject approximately 60% of applicants. Successful applicants are subject to on-going reference and suitability checks, including provision of up-to-date Enhanced Disclosure Barring Service Certificate (DBS) and notifying us of any changes to their health.

At Maternally Yours we contact the relevant awarding bodies to ensure authenticity and validity of all certificates, where possible. And while qualifications are highly regarded, there are many Maternity Nurses who do not hold any formal certificates but have years of experience within childcare and are excellent at caring for new born babies.

All our Maternity Nurses have come from a nanny or nursing/midwifery background before specialising in maternity nursing. We require a minimum of 5 years’ newborn experience, to include at least 5 bookings in private households, before we will proceed with applications to join the Maternally Yours Register.

We can also place Junior Maternity Nurses with experienced mothers looking for support and an ‘extra pair of hands’.

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A note from Maternally Yours’ founder, Sarajane Ambrose

“When my elder children were pre-schoolers, I was constantly asked by sleep-deprived parents if, with having 4 children under five, including a set of twins, I ever managed to get a good nights’ sleep! This took me by surprise as I was often asked this question. They, in turn, were astonished when I told them that my entire family were sleeping through the night. Every night.

“I was struck by this, as it didn’t occur to me that were families with pre-schoolers who would have sleep issues, and it made me realise that by not having a Maternity Nurse in those crucial first few weeks, meant those families still hadn’t established their children’s’ all-important sleep routine and were suffering as a result.

“I founded Maternally Yours in 1996, and my wish is for all our clients to experience the comfort and reassurance an experienced Maternity Nurse can bring during those first few weeks following baby’s arrival.

“We have been placing the most sought-after and knowledgeable Maternity Nurses with happy families around the world ever since.”

Maternity Nurse Fees, Paid directly to the Nurse

Maternity Nurses’ fees range from £180 – £250 per 24 hours for a single infant.

Live-out rates range from £15 – £20 per hour, minimum 6 hours.

Maternally Yours Fees

For UK bookings we charge £95 + VAT per Maternity Nurse, per week engaged

For overseas bookings, we charge £120 + VAT (if applicable) per Maternity Nurse, per week engaged

Please visit or telephone +44 (0) 207 795 6299 to find the best Maternity Nurse for your growing family.