A bathroom that mixes floral, marble and fabric wall coverings to keep things fresh, pretty and unpredictable

Louise Jones created this uplifting bathroom in a Scottish island home. She spoke to Amelia Thorpe.

Known for her fresh take on classic style, Louise Jones approached the design of this bathroom with characteristic verve: ‘It was to be bright, floral and uplifting, as well as traditional, in keeping with the age of the house, which is Victorian.’

Part of a new wing — an extension to a listed country home on the Isle of Jura, off the west coast of Scotland — this bathroom is for the lady of the house. Louise began the design by considering the layout, positioning an elegant cast-iron tub from Drummonds underneath the large window to create a dramatic focal point.

It’s set on an equally dramatic patterned floor in hand-cut marble, inset with Aurelio Gold marble stars. ‘Marble always looks classic, but the stars add a sense of fun,’ she explains.

Walls are covered in classic Jubilee Rose fabric from Colefax & Fowler. ‘It’s warmer, prettier and softer than wallpaper,’ says Louise, who teamed it with a hemp blind trimmed in raspberry pink to pick up on the colours of the wall fabric and add another feminine touch.

Bespoke vanity units offer plenty of storage, including hidden compartments behind the mirrors. The loo is housed in a private room (right), with the shower in a separate cubicle (left). ‘The shower, wrapped in panelling and fabric walling with a clear-glass door, is more appealing than an all-glass cubicle pushed into the corner.’

Final touches include a lantern in Verdigris finish from Charles Edwards and copper taps from French specialist Volevatch. ‘It’s nice to layer different finishes that complement each other, rather than have everything matching,’ says Louise. ‘It’s much less predictable.’

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