Luxury watches come in all shapes and sizes, and to suit many different budgets from £1,000 to 100,000. You can find beautiful vintage watches, which have been restored, and will become heirlooms to pass down through your family, while new models of classic watches are launched every year for aficionados of each brand and model.

Watches exist which can let you dive to incredible depths in the sea; or do you prefer to know the time in different time zones simultaneously? Perhaps it’s the craftsmanship which goes into making these incredible timepieces which enthuses you – or do you just love owning a thing of beauty?

As for jewellery, we often feature some wonderful pieces from some of Britain’s finest jewellers.

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The best watches from SIHH

Hetty Chidwick picks her favourite time pieces from Geneva’s SIHH - Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie

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Watches for each stage of life

From your first watch to the charm of old timepieces passed down the family, Robin Swithinbank recommends the best wristwear for each stage of your life

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A watch for every budget

Choose the best possible watch for your budget with our handy guide. Whether you have £100 or £10,000 we can point you towards the best watches to buy for your

Men's luxury watches

Watch jargon translated

Time translated Horological terminology can be mindboggling, however, investing time in learning the lingo can help to identify the best—and most practical—watch for you. Here, we decode some of the…

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Top watches showcase comes to London

If you love fine watches you'll want to head down to the Saatchi Gallery in London this November, where a celebration of fine crafstmanship and beauty is taking place at…