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Coastal estate of Bantham sold

Idyllic 750 acre seaside estate of Bantham sold for £11.5 million.

Country Life
Bantham Estate in South Devon - on the market for £11.5 million – has been sold.

Idyllic Wiltshire old vicarage

This charming old vicarage is located in a popular north Wiltshire village

Wiltshire country houses for sale
The Old Vicarage in Wiltshire is an idyllic Wiltshire country retreat

Remote Scottish island archipelago

Independence didn't go your way? This island archipelago may be the place for you to get away from it all...

beautiful scottish islands for sale
Had enough of the independence referendum? Get away from the rest of the world on your own remote Scottish island archipelago

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Property guide to Shamley Green

This idyllic Surrey village sees demand from families way outstripping supply

Shamley Green property guide
We take a look at property in and around Shamely Green in Surrey, and consider why buyers are so drawn to the village when moving out of London for the first time

Listed buildings: assets or liabilities?

Listed building owners suffer for their efforts to preserve historic buildings

Owning listed buildings
Owning a listed building
The attitude towards listed buildings, and their owners, must change drastically if our heritage is to be properly preserved, says a new report

How to build an orangery

orangery carousel.jpg
Key considerations when constructing an orangery include design, lighting, interiors and security