Folly, Gloucestershire

This Grade II folly sits prominently on this exposed site surrounded by agricultural land. Scheduled in the council?s Listed Building at Risk Register due to years of neglect and fire, the tower had been reduced to a ruin with only its external crenulated stonewalls remaining. With a usable footprint area of approximately only 25m2 at its base, decreasing as you rise within and few small window openings, the structure did not immediately offer spaces conducive to everyday living. In proposing a viable solution for its sustainable restoration and maintenance, planning permission was granted for change of use, restoration, conversion and extension of this ruin to form a very modern single family 4 bedroom private house. A new detached garage/guest studio building was also added adjacent to the entrance to the site. The exposed site is visually integral to the setting of this listed structure and as such the design approach has sought to maintain an open relationship with the surrounding agricultural landscape, by developing a discreet and substantial underground extension to the tower. The listed tower remains the dominant structure, providing the front door to the house and the means of vertical circulation. It is also the focus of the main sunken courtyard garden.