Public Transport the Bane of Country Life

A lack of public transport is the most irritating feature of life in the countryside, a new survey has shown.

The survey, commissioned by the estate agency Charles Lister, showed that a lack of facilities was the biggest bugbear for people living in the country.

As well as the lack of public transport, the lack of amenities such as shops and bars (3) and the underdeveloped infrastructure, for example gas, broadband and mobile telephone reception (4) were high in the top ten of country dwellers? pet hates.

Surprisingly, country smells, such as those from pig farms, came in at number 2 on the hate list, pushing factors such as the lack of job opportunities in the country further down the top ten.

In contrast, the higher living costs (1) and the increasing threat of terrorism (2) topped the list for urban residents.

Henry Pryor, founder of Charles Lister, said: ?It?s interesting to see how the top pet hates of those living in the country are related to the connection with the city, like the transport, journey time and the undeveloped infrastructure.

?One of the reasons mentioned to me by prospective purchasers as their reason for moving out of cities is the security, as with all the mentions of Iraq war they want to move their families out of harm?s way ? so I?m not surprised this rated so highly.

?I think people often have an idealised view of either the countryside or city life, which is why the suburbs are becoming so unaffordable.?