Picnic Barbecue

Makes six or seven burgers
1kg minced beef
400g minced-beef fat
300g finely diced onion
15g garlic
20g salt
2g thyme
10g chopped parsley
2g oregano
1 whole egg

Mix all the ingredients and mould into approximately 150g sections for a nice-sized burger. Then grill for about three or four minutes each side on a medium heat.


Makes 2.5 litres
3.5kg tomatoes, roughly chopped
1kg apples, peeled, cored and chopped
900g onions, peeled and chopped into 1cm cubes
800g sugar
1 litre malt vinegar
25g sea salt
1g cayenne pepper
2g whole black pepper corns
2g whole allspice
1g cloves


Put all the spices into a tied muslin bag and place all the ingredients into a pan. Turn the heat to full and bring to the boil, then turn down the heat and simmer, cooking the ingredients until they’re a pulp (about two hours). Stir the mixture now and again so it doesn’t burn. Turn off the heat, ladle the pulp into a blender jug to only half full and purée until it’s nice and smooth. Tip this into a fine sieve over a clean pan and press the liquid through using a small ladle. Return the pan to the heat and re-boil for two to three minutes. Place into sterilised jars and bottles and sterilise following the correct procedure.


1 x 2kg scaled and gutted bass with no head
50ml white wine
100ml olive oil
Juice and zest of one lemon
3 bay leaves cut in half
Small bunch of dill roughly chopped
2g thyme leaves
2g sea salt

Place two sheets of foil together, about 40in long, then fold it over and make a boat shape so the sides come up. Take the bass and slash through the flesh to 0.5cm deep, about 10 times each side. Rub in the olive oil and put the bay leaves and dill into the slashes. Add the lemon juice, peel and white wine, then the salt. Wrap this up well to transport for the barbecue, then cook it on a low heat so it steams in the foil. Alternatively, you can take it out of the foil and place it on the grill for about six to eight minutes each side. Just before you cook the fish, add the salt. This should be very tasty.