Country Mouse on the Olympic commuter spirit

For more than 18 years, I have commuted from Hampshire to Waterloo that adds up to almost one year of my life spent on a train. I am an expert (not that it’s something you would want to be an expert in). There is a strict protocol, which is based on the philosophy that you should not to talk to anyone and, in its most advanced form, pretend that there is no one else in the carriage whatsoever.

So, you can imagine my surprise as we left Petersfield when a charming lady offered home-made bacon rolls and Buck’s fizz to everyone in the carriage. I was so shocked that I accepted the roll. Suddenly, we were all talking. She was off to the equestrian event at Greenwich, others to beach volleyball and hockey.

By the time we were past Guildford, the carriage was abuzz with opinions on the Opening Ceremony (mostly good) and where our first gold medal was going to come from. In the office, members of the Country Life team report similar shocking behaviour occurring on the Tube and buses that’s really odd.

The Olympics need a legacy, and changing our behaviour for the better on public transport could be it.

* Summer

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