Town mouse on new building projects

Monstrous carbuncles a positive rash of them have been getting up Prince Charles’s nose again. In a lengthy speech, the heir to the throne denounced the building of more and more high rises, particularly on our 27 heritage sites around Britain. He is not alone. There have been increasing concerns about the ‘Walkie Talkie’ tower planned close to St Paul’s Cathedral. Once the tallest construction in London, Wren’s achievement is now in danger of becoming completely obscured by surrounding office blocks. But what do townies think of the Prince making these speeches?

Some have suggested that a man who lives in beautiful houses in the country shouldn’t pronounce on how those with less choice/money should be housed. Others question the wisdom in his making such speeches at all, particularly as he edges nearer to the throne. But there’s no question that he’s now an informed man on architectural matters. I think he characterises a familiar problem of the 21st century: do we go with history or with change?