Town Mouse on Ribena’s campaign

Are country and town ever going to understand each other? I ask this as Ribena is ‘bringing the countryside to town this week’, with a farmer’s market, a strongman competition and welly wanging in the heart of the City.

It does make one feel obliged to point out that people in the country are perfectly capable of putting their wellies by the back door, and don’t fling them as far as possible when they take them off. But stereotypes and archetypes are always more amusing in conversation. Hence this viral campaign recently launched:

which unites the rural and urban cousins by having a dance off between breakdancers and Morris dancers. It is very funny.

The ad creative behind it tells me that there was real rivalry between the two groups by the end of the day. In fact, one of the hanky-wavers said to the leading breakdancer: ‘It would take you twice as long to perfect Morris dancing.’

They’re not any closer to understanding each other but perhaps it ever was thus and ever will be.