12 Gifts of Christmas: Little birds and elephants

This is the extraordinary diary and short stories of David William Kinloch Macpherson. Written during 1928 – 1929, often between bouts of malaria, while hunting elephant in Mozambique and Nyasaland (Malawi). He virtually disappeared into the bush for 18 months and bought land to farm with the proceeds of his hunting.

His daughter Isabel, who was born and raised on the farm has rescued his diaries and stories. They are not for the squeamish. Macpherson was a brilliant shot and distinguished ornithologist; an impulsive man. He met a nurse on the shores of Lake Malawi and married her 10 days later!

Handsomely illustrated case-bound book with maps – retail price £30.00 incl. p & p. to U.K and Europe p.o.a. rest of the world.

Contact: Isabel Heller – Email: isabelisabel@mac.com
Website: www.birdsandelephants.com
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