Plymouth Sound set to become Britain’s first ‘National Marine Park’

The spectacular and varied coastline and estuaries around Plymouth are on track to win new environmental protection which will protect this rich habitat for generations to come.

Plans are progressing for Plymouth Sound to be designated the UK’s first ‘National Marine Park’. The news was announced by Plymouth City Council , who have received a £75,000 grant from the Marine Management Organisation so that phase one of the project can begin.

The area already enjoys conservation status: Plymouth Sound & Tamar Estuaries Marine Protected Area is made up of a number of overlapping designations and component sites, which recognise its importance to marine conservation. But it’s hoped that a marine-park designation for this uniquely-varied marine landscape will elevate the area to the same level as the UK’s 15 existing national parks.

First steps, according to the Council, include a public consultation, as well as bringing together stakeholders, local partners and the Government to develop and properly designate the area.

‘We have a rich maritime heritage, a successful and productive fishing industry and world-renowned marine science and engineering, the largest naval base in Western Europe and a National Marine Aquarium,’ said councillor Sue Dann.

‘Plymouth is ideally placed to be the UK’s first national marine park.’

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