A different approach is taken by the Orbit sundial, in which interlocking circles are suspended above a freestanding vertical steel dial. Price on application, Macmillan Hunter Sundials (0131-468 2616; www.macmillanhunter.co.uk)

The Classic sundial, a flat, circular brass or bronze dial, with or without a motto of your choosing. From £129, Border Sundials of Abergavenny (01873 840297; www.bordersundials.co.uk)

Cast in the Ironbridge Gorge, a square-disc brass sundial with your chosen inscription. £150, Robert Foster (01746 861330; www.sundialsbyrobertfoster.co.uk) 

Joanna Migdal works to commission to produce wall dials, ring dials, metal and glass dials or what you will (01491 412962; www.sundialsomething.com)

A vertical sundial for attachment to a south-facing wall, perhaps with the glittering addition of gilded lettering. From £500, David Brown Sundials of Somerset (01458 274841; www.davidbrownsundials.com)

David Harber makes a wide range of sundials, including obelisks, armillary spheres and standing stones to commission in Oxfordshire (01235 859300; www.davidharber.co.uk)

Multitasking meets economy in this sundial glass, with the dial accurately set out on the face of a pint beer glass. £15, The SunGlass Site (01273 673511; www.sundialglass.wordpress.com)

Charles-town Sundials of Cornwall produces a bronze disc with a decorative border and a choice
of motto. £325 (01726 882936; www.charlestownsundials.com)

A horizontal dial needs a pedestal, such as one carved from Portland stone by Harriet James in Warminster. About £1,500, Harriet James (01985 216311; www.sunnydials.co.uk)

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