James Barclay

Telephone 0203 174 2427
Address 12 Oliver Business Park, London, NW10 7JB

James Barclay is a specialist in the repairing and hand cleaning of all types of Persian and oriental rugs.

We can undertake large scale restoration on large antique carpets to minor repairs on small rugs.


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All of our hand cleaning and repairs is done by hand by our experts who have many years experience in the field. The types of repair work we offer are as follows: replacing fringes and cords, reweaving holes, re-piling moth damage, stain removal, insect removal, fire and flood damage including colour run removal.

Our team of repairers have experience in the restoration of many different types of rugs including: Persian, Caucasian, Turkish, Afghan, Indian, tapestries, silks, Aubussons, Turkmen, Wilton, Donegal and many others.

James Barclay

All of the materials used are matched for the correct wool or silk and the dyes are also matched for either traditional flower and vegetable or chemical dyes. The same principles used in the weaving process are used for the repair work.

For more information please see www.jamesbarclay.co.uk