Jex Plant Dredging and Silt Pumping Contractors

Telephone 01553 611834 or 07768 234336
Address 241 Wootton Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 3AN

A family run business removing silt from lakes, ponds and rivers breathing new life back into your water.

Services include:

  • Lake Dredging and Desilting
  • River and Canal Dredging
  • Moat Desilting
  • Lake Surveyor Services
  • Non-invasive and environment friendly
  • Nationwide

Keeping mess and impact to the environment to a minimum

Here at Jex we understand the importance of maintaining your waterways using the most environmentally friendly and non evasive methods as possible.

We pump silt with air as a unique option reducing footprint, a less invasive alternative to pumping with water leaving cleaner and less disrupted surroundings with maximum effect.

This is an example of a Cotswold lake prior to dredging


And this is the same Cotswold lake after dredging and desilting.

We help lined ponds & lakes, silt removal from moats using long reach excavators‘ pontoon dredging and silt pumping from within the lake reducing mess then work to restore the grassed areas.

Clean removal of silt

We use dewatering bags and silt geo fencing options to contain silt after dredging and de-silting. We also provide a chemical analysis for any potential contamination within the silt.

Walled Formal Pond/Lake Cleaning 

If you are lucky enough to have a formal walled lake or pond these too will silt up over time, just like a natural body of water.

 Due to a covering of weed on the side walls of this formal pond, we initially had to drain it using our specialist air pumping system.

We pressure washed the walls and then using the same pumping system, removed the silt from the bottom of the pond.

A beautiful, walled formal pond restored. 

Consultancy & Silt Surveying Service

Whilst you would be unlikely to purchase a house without having a survey conducted, a survey of any waterway or lake is often overlooked and can be a costly shock.

Pre property purchase survey and consultancy service

Overgrown, silted up ponds and lakes are not only an eyesore, but can negatively impact upon the wildlife and local environment. A specialist and bathymetric survey prior to a property purchase will find out what’s hidden in the water and could save you thousands in dredging.

JEX Plant is a family run business operating nationwide to restore all types of waterways. To see Peter Jex and some of our projects please visit our YouTube page or website.