How to make nettle beer

This basic recipe produces a very drinkable result

Some people slightly vary their ingredients, but this basic recipe should produce a very drinkable result. After that you can experiment with whatever you think might work!

One carrier bag full (approx 2lb) of young nettle tops
1 gallon water
8oz brown/unrefined/demarara sugar
1oz of cream of tartar
Juice of lemon or small piece of ginger, crushed (optional)
Teaspoon of brewer’s yeast

* Wash the nettle leaves

* Bring the water to the boil, add the nettles and remove from heat

* Leave for approximately an hour for nettles to infuse

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* Using a colander, lined with unbleached muslin, strain the liquid into a sterile  brewing bucket

* Slowly add the sugar, stirring all the time until thoroughly dissolved

* Add the tartar and (if required) the juice of lemon/ginger

* Let the mixture get tepid and stir in the yeast

* Cover securely and leave in a warm place for at least 3 days

* Remove any scum from the top and siphon into, sterilised, sealable bottles (plastic screw top are a good option, but not wine bottles)

* It can be drunk after a couple of days but leave longer for a better flavour