How to: Make the most delicious Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts have a reputation for being either dull or bitter, or both, but this quick and easy recipe which spices them up makes them a sure hit in our household.
First, boil the sprouts for just 3-4 minutes, depending on their size, drain and set aside.

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Heat some oil in a large-ish pan. Add a teaspoonful of black mustard seeds, some crushed dried chilli and a tablespoon of flaked almonds [either raw or toasted, doesn’t matter which]. When the mustard seeds start jumping about in the pan, add the Brussels sprouts. Stir-fry the lot for half a minute, then cover the pan and let them steam away on a low heat for another 4 minutes, then serve immediately.
Note: this dish is perfect as it is, or you can add another dimension of spice by dropping in 2 teaspoons of finely chopped fresh ginger root when incorporating the other spices.