Give your home the Country Look

Over the last decade many interior designers and home owners alike have shown a penchant for crisp clean modern looks, with little decoration to give that sparse minimalistic feel; but that appears to be changing. In the last few years many aspects of life tend to be back peddling through time. With vintage style clothing being extremely popular, and with programmes such as Downton Abbey becoming a hit with viewers, the interior design world is shifting back to a more country look.

As we know different looks and styles are constantly on a loop, but the country theme is something that can be both modern and timeless. With an array of different materials, fabrics and accessories you can accentuate your home in both classic and modern country styles. So whether you just want to add a few little touches like a sofa or bed, or if you want to go for a full revamp with an array of kitchen collections from Magnet; here are our tips on how to get the country look into your home.


The true heart of a country home is the kitchen; it’s where everyone eats together and most of the time it’s where you’d gather to talk. So bringing the country look into the kitchen is of vital importance. Start with neutral woodwork throughout your kitchen for cupboards and sideboards, but make it look rural to add an old school country feel to it. Deep sinks and decorative rustic pots, pans and kettles, which you can get at vintage shops, will give the kitchen that cosy feel of times gone by; and don’t forget a big family size wooden dining table to bring in that closeness.

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Living Room

To get a true country feel for your living room make it the cosy corner of the home. Go for neutral colours throughout, and big comfortable sofas you can sink into. You can then accessorise these with large pillows and throws, which can be in a variety of colours to give the room that warm feeling that country homes have become well known for. Add to the wooden theme that started in the kitchen with a rustic looking coffee table, which will complement the neutral tones and ensure the wooden time gone by feel stretches throughout you house.


The bedroom should be all about comfort, so ensuring it’s warm and cosy will give you that important bedroom warmth all year round.    Bright colours will help draw the room in, and using colourful French striped wallpaper will give it that cosy feel without being too much. Draw on the neutral tones of the home with the bed and surrounding furniture, you may even consider a four poster for that grand country feel. Accessorise the bed with chunky knit throws and colourful pillows to give you a comfortable retreat to be proud of.