£19m for Welsh heritage tourism

A new project to boost the contribution tourism makes to the Welsh economy has been launched with £19m, the Welsh Assembly has announced. 

The money, which comes both from EU and Welsh Government funding, is due to benefit tourist sites across the valleys and north west Wales. Cadw, the government agency set up to protect the historical heritage of Wales, intends to work with communities, heritage partners and the tourism sector to develop a more integrated range of tours, trails and packages at heritage sites.

Sites set to receive some of the funding include Harlech, Denbeigh and Conwy castles in the north as well as attractions such as Oystermouth castle in the Mumbles, Swansea. Councillor Bryan Owen said: ‘This is excellent news for heritage tourism in Wales and Anglesey in particular. We look forward to working with colleagues at Cadw to ensure the project is a great success.’

Heritage minister Alun Ffred Jones added: ‘Tourism is an extremely important part of our economy, contributing more than £3bn a year to the Welsh economy. I welcome this further investment in Welsh tourism.’

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