Countryside news Sept 6

BBC: Farm subsidy failures condemned

The government’s failure to get EU subsidies to thousands of farmers on time has been called “a master-class in bad decision making” by MPs.

The Times: Foot-and-mouth inquiry points to leaking pipe at research laboratory

A leaking pipe was the likely source of this summer’s outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, a report is expected to conclude tomorrow.

The Telegraph: Obituary: The Duke of Buccleuch

The 9th Duke of Buccleuch and 11th Duke of Queensberry, who died yesterday aged 83, was Scotland’s grandest aristocrat and the largest private landowner in Europe.

The Independent: Comment: It’s money, not race, that counts in rural England

Miles Kington on who and what populates the countryside.

The Telegraph: Clarissa Dickson Wright: ‘I do like to bait people’

Clarissa Dickson Wright has filled her autobiography with indiscretions – but it is those she chooses not to tell that really intrigue, says Cassandra Jardine.

Farmers’ Weekly: Tesco first to increase pig and poultry prices

Tesco has announced a significant price increase for poultry and pork, only a day after the NFU and NPA launched a campaign to increase farmgate prices.

The Scotsman: Oaks rooted in 700 years of Scots history

Several hundred oaks in Chatelherault Country Park near Hamilton are now considered so special that each one has been bar-coded to help with monitoring. But Scotland’s aged woods have rarely been so highly prized.

The Scotsman: Rural schools enjoy a taste of crofting

Pupils from remote Scottish communities will today serve up the results of a project that has seen them learn about their crofting tradition, as well as healthy eating.

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