Fly-tipping decreases by 7.5%

Fly-tipping has decreased by 7.5 per cent across England since last year, according to a Defra fly-tipping study.

Fly-tipping has decreased overall and, at the same time, successful prosecution for fly-tipping increased on previous years.

Fly-tipping incidences decreased to 1.24 million (data excludes Liverpool City Council, which suffered a ‘reporting anomaly’), although fly-tipping still costs local authorities £74m a year to clear up.

The CLA (Country Land and Business Association) has previously rejected claims by Defra that fly-tipping is under control.

Waste Minister Jane Kennedy said, regarding the 7.5 per cent decrease in fly-tipping incidences in England: ‘I am pleased to see the decrease in incidents but we still need to work on the serious environmental and social problem of fly-tipping.’

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