Grass cutting stopped in Aberdeen

Grass cutting and strimming has been stopped at 70 public areas in Aberdeen in an effort to save money.

City parks and roadsides may not be attended to as part of cost-saving measures by the Liberal Democrat/SNP-run local authority.

Gordon Graham, a Labour councillor, said: ‘When you see the areas left uncut, it’s bringing the whole city down to be quite honest … I’m getting a lot of complaints.

‘People are concerned about broken bottles, syringes and dog mess. Kids can’t even get to the play park. It’s a health and safety issue and a bit of an embarrassment.’

Kate Dean, the Liberal Democrat council leader, said: ‘The areas that are being left, and it’s not only a matter of budget savings but it’s also a matter of encouraging biodiversity, have been carefully chosen to be away from the through routes of the city.’

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Alex Salmond, the First Minister, has said that the council must sort out its own financial crisis after it has stopped grass cutting and strimming in 70 parks and roadsides.

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