Jersey votes on cow’s future

Jersey’s States Assembly votes on Tuesday whether to allow the import of bull semen. Jersey cows have, for the past 220 years, been a closed herd, with imports banned in 1789.

Tuesday’s vote of the 53 members of the States Assembly will decide whether or not to allow the import of bull semen in order to improve efficiency.

The Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society, founded in 1833, says that, unless semen imports are allowed, the local gene pool risks becoming too narrow.

Nicholas Blampied, a retired government vet, believes however that: ‘There are a lot of dangers in importing foreign semen. We have a responsibility to all of the Jerseys worldwide.’

Jersey has 29 Jersey cow farmers on the island, of which 15 have signed a petition that demands further research before a decision is made.

Tuesday’s vote will decide whether or not to allow the import of bull semen, which will break the 200-year-old tradition.

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