Prince Charles enlists help to fight climate change

Prince Charles has enlisted the help of 500 leading international companies from more than 50 countries, including household names such as Coca Cola, eBay, E.ON, EDF, Starbucks and Virgin, in a bid to combat climate change.

The Prince of Wales has persuaded these companies to sign a communique addressed to world leaders, asking them to commit to cutting global carbon emissions by 50%-85% by 2050. It will be presented to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, and more than 100 world leaders at today’s summit in Copenhagen.

The communique, which was developed by Prince Charles’ Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, based at Cambridge University, states that long-term economic development won’t be sustained unless the climate is stabilised, and that we must ‘exit the recession in a way that lays the foundation for low-carbon growth’.

Prince Charles said: ‘The aim of the communique quite simply is to ensure that the United Nations and the decision-makers in Copenhagen are left in no doubt that the world’s most progressive business leaders, representing many of the largest companies on the planet, expect to see a positive, unequivocal outcome from the summit.

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‘The louder and clearer we can make that message, the better it will be heard.’

The communique is part of Prince Charles’ efforts to ensure a positive result at the Copenhagen summit. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has warned that there is a ‘grave danger’ a deal will not be reached, because of ‘differences’ between world leaders.

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