Red squirrel reserve opened

Lord Clark of Windermere today launched Whinlatter Forest Park as a flagship red squirrel today. The Forestry Commission has teamed up with Save Our Squirrels in order to create new facilities at Whinlatter forest near Keswick in Cumbria.

Red squirrels have been in decline across the country in the face of competition from grey squirrels but still remain strong in a few enclaves such as Whinlatter, one of the largest Cumbrian forests.

The new facilities include a squirrel scurry trail to see them in the forest and an indoor interactive red squirrel experience to learn more about the endangered species.

Lord Clark said: ‘Red squirrels are one of our best loved native animals, yet sadly they are seriously under threat.

‘The Forestry Commission will ensure that the habitat at Whinlatter continues to favour red squirrels and work to provide new ways for people to learn more about these popular animals.’

There are 16 designated red squirrel reserves in Northern England and Whinlatter becomes one of only three flagship reserves.

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