The Duchess of Cornwall’s rescue dogs adorn a royal frontispiece like you’ve never seen before

The Duchess of Cornwall has guest-edited the upcoming 13 July 2022 issue of Country Life magazine — and on the famous frontispiece page she suggested a lovely break from tradition... even if it stil features ‘Girls in Pearls’.

Country Life’s frontispiece page — famously known as the ‘Girls in Pearls’ — has been part of the magazine since it first launched 125 years ago in 1897.

It is arguably one of the most iconic pages in publishing, ‘initially conceived to portray members of the aristocracy and introduce young women into Society,’ as Country Life’s Rosie Paterson explains. Over the years, however, the page has evolved and is now a celebration of achievements, merits and charitable work, as well as engagement announcements.

There have been doctors, firefighters, royalty (including The Queen on multiple occasions) and plenty of men, including Winston Churchill, (who appeared on the page posthumously four days after his death in January 1965); both the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, to commemorate their 18th birthdays as well as HRH The Prince of Wales.

In 1935, breaking from tradition, the page featured Bahram, an unbeaten Derby winner of the day, bred and owned by H.H. The Aga Khan. It was the first time a four-legged frontispiece had appeared solo on the page — until now.

For this week’s magazine — out on July 13, and guest-edited by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to mark her 75th birthday — the stars of the frontispiece are Bluebell and Beth, The Duchess’s much-loved Jack Russell terriers, both of whom were rescued from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

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Bluebell and Beth, as seen in the 13 July 2022 Frontispiece of County Life Magazine. ©Anya Campbell for Country Life

The terriers are adorned in The Duchess’s own pearl necklaces, and photographed in the gardens of Raymill, her house in Wiltshire (the magazine also includes a feature all about the garden and the plants within).

The choice of Bluebell and Beth is more than just a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun, however: they are a fitting choice for The Duchess given her role as Royal Patron of the Battersea rescue home since 2017.

Her love of animals, and dogs in particular, shines through in this special edition, which includes a feature of her ongoing work at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s guest-edit of Country Life is available in shops from Wednesday 13 July 2022.