Adopt a Rescue Dog

Battersea Dogs Home has a long history of caring for dogs which have been abandoned or whose owners were unable to cope. The Home cared for over 9,000 dogs from many different backgrounds in 2003 and this year is looking just as busy.

Unfortunately many dogs at Battersea arrived because their previous owners only considered what they wanted their dog to look like – not its background and behaviour patterns.

As a result Battersea has seen a rise in the number of pure breed dogs it receives as well as a rise in the number of dogs that need country homes. The most popular dogs purchased by misinformed town dwellers are, incredibly, Border Collies. These dogs love mental and physical stimulation – they are literally bored silly in the city and need space and air and things to chase.

Other breeds unhappy with life in the city are Jack Russell Terriers (miniature whirlwinds), Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers (both have endless reserves of energy and stamina), Springer Spaniels (originally bred for retrieving they have energy and stamina reserves to rival the Labradors and Golden Retrievers) and Lurchers (a very strong chase instinct coupled with very bad recall means a three legged Lurcher in the city).

Battersea has also lately seen a rise in Japanese and American Akitas. These awe inspiring dogs were originally used as hunters in Japan, therefore they have a very low tolerance of other dogs and so need to move to an area with a low dog population.

These are examples of some of the breeds which are unhappy in the city, and over the next few months dogs like these will be looking for places to live where they are more at home, with loving owners who can give them the attention they need.

This month, the dogs needing immediate housing are Titch and Pinkerton.


Collie cross

Two years old


Titch is a strong minded, fun-loving Collie cross who has been at Battersea since August 2004. She has a clever Collie brain and this coupled with her strength of character gives her the potential to be a fabulous companion in the right home. Titch is very confident around people she knows, but she is very uncomfortable when meeting new people, so she is now looking for those special owners who will be dedicated to working on this with her.

Titch needs owners with experience of owning Border Collie or German Shepherd type dogs, and also of nervous dogs. She will ideally need to live in an adult household, although she may be able to live with older teenagers depending on their experience. Titch could go to live with a sociable mature male dog, but not a female, and she is not suitable to live with cats.

She needs a home in a quiet rural location.A big character in a little body, Titch needs people who can relate to her enthusiasm and energy but also be sensible enough to work actively on her fears around strangers. A wonderful little dog with a sense of humour! If you are interested in giving Titch a home then call Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 020 7627 7884 and quote reference 04/03896.



One to two years old


Affectionate and scatty, Pinkerton is certainly a dog who will keep his new owners on their toes! Despite his antics he is actually a sensitive lad and has spent time with Battersea’s Behaviour Unit to work on his anxieties when faced with new situations. He needs to live with people who have the time and patience to be able to work with him through his fears, and will be a wonderful, loving companion in the right home.Pinkerton does like his food and will gladly work for treats, and he also benefits from having food toys for mental stimulation when he is left alone.

The amount of time he spends alone will need to be built up gradually. He enjoys playing with toys both on his own and with his handler and he likes to retrieve, although he soon turns the play into a ‘chase me’ game. He loves having a fuss made of him and being stroked, although he can be wriggly when he’s excited. Pinkerton is looking for owners who have experience of owning whippet type dogs, and who live an active lifestyle but have time to initially invest in giving him the guidance he needs.

He will need to live in a semi-rural or rural environment, with a garden, where he can be gently socialised to new situations, as he is very sensitive to sound and has a wary side. Pinkerton needs a calm, adult household without any children, and it would be preferable if he didn’t live with other dogs, although he will need some doggie friends.If you are interested in learning more about Pinkerton then call Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 020 7627 7884 and quote reference 05/20780.