How to write a thank you letter

Many of us find writing thank you letters tedious and even stressful during a busy summer, but if you follow our top tips for a brief but enjoyable missive you will no longer dread the task of getting them done.

How to write a thank you letter:

Write it as soon as possible after the event. Things will be fresher in your mind.

Don’t forget to use the words ‘thank you’.

It does not have to be long.

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Mention two or three things that you particularly liked. It could be the food, the hostess’s dress or other interesting guests.

Use a fountain pen

Headed paper is good for a more formal letter but a card is perfectly acceptable for closer friends

Address the envelope properly, using correct title and decorations. (They can often be found in Debretts or Who’s Who)

Sound appreciative but try not to be dull. Make each thank you letter different or it will become formulaic.

Tell the recipient an interesting fact unrelated to the evening/event. It adds variety.

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