Questions to ask when buying a new pony

Before you even think of going to see a pony there are important questions that you should ask over the phone:
Does it have an established canter?
Does it canter evenly to a fence?
What size course does it jump?
How does it get on at a show?
Does it knock any fences down?
Does it stop?
Does it shy?
What is it like in traffic?
What is it like in heavy traffic, big lorries or tractors?
Does it hack out on its own?
In company
Will it go behind quietly and not pull
Is it kind in the box
Easy for a child to handle
Easy for a child to lead up in hand without pulling or breaking free
Is it easy to clip  and shoe
Load in a trailer
Either side
In a lorry
Has it been ridden out or schooled by an adult?
Does it jump ditches?
Does it go on the hard ground
Have you hunted it?
When it’s hunting is it strong?
Does it stand still?
What kind of bit does it go in?
Has it ever been lame?
Has it ever had a check ligament or suspensory
Does it live on straw?
How long have you had it?
How old is the child riding it?
Does it have laminitis?
Sweet itch
How often do you ride it?
What is it like if you don’t ride it for a week?