Romance in London’s Kensington Gardens

After lunch at Le Gavroche with Chef Albert Roux on Wednesday to celebrate the launch of the new luxury Edinburgh hotel, The Atholl, I didn’t think the week could have any further surprises left to offer. However, an invitation to ‘Tiffany Across the Water‘ arrived, a party to celebrate the re-opening of the beautifully restored Italian Gardens in Kensington Gardens.

@countrylifemag at the opening of the Italian Gardens

The Tiffany & Co Foundation and The Royal Parks Foundation have worked alongside GHK Architects and CWO (Cathedral Works Organisation) to renovate the Italian Gardens as part of the 2 year, $1.25 million dollar project to restore the drinking fountains in London’s Royal Parks. The result is, as Fernanda Kellogg, Chair of the board at the Tiffany & Co Foundation, described it is ‘truly romantic’.

As Hetty Chidwick and I sipped Prosecco, very appropriately, and nibbled on delicious canapés made by Last Supper and Giorgio Locatelli, we chatted to Fernanda about her love of Country Life and watched the sun’s watery reflection sink into the fountains. We all decided it really would be the perfect place for a proposal. After all, the gardens were originally created by one of the most romantic of men in history-they were a gift from Prince Albert to his beloved Queen Victoria.

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