Country Life 18 March 2020

Country Life 18 March 2020 discusses the wonders of smaller country homes, the ingredients needed to perfect a dream kitchen and the best mussel recipes to cook tonight.

A COLLECTOR’S HOME: Shawford House, Hampshire, has just been impeccably revived

MUSSEL MEMORY: Succulent and flavourful, they are a myriad of ways to eat mussels. Tom Parker Bowles reports

DREAM KITCHEN: All the ingredients you need to create perfection

SANDHILL: A idyll by Rosemary Alexander

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: The CEO of Historic England picks a screenprint

ACTIVISM AND FARMING: Jamie Blackett laments the pressures activism puts on those who grow our food

WORMS: And the effort they put into enriching our soil

TRAVEL: Beirut and the French Riviera