Country Life 18 May 2022

Country Life 18 May 2022 is our Chelsea Flower Show special preview issue, featuring lupins, peonies and Alan Titchmarsh - plus much more.

CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW: We take a look at what you can expect to find if you head down to the greatest (flower) show on earth.

LUPINS: Dedicated enthusiasts ensure lupins still bloom in a West Sussex field. Here is there story.

THE FEMALE PILOTS WHO RULED THE SKIES: Intrepid and skilled, female pilots conquered the skies in the 1930s.

NIGHTINGALES: We meet the people fighting to save the endangered songbird from extinction.

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: The director of music at St Paul’s picks a loving and holy triptych.

MASTERPIECE:  Landseer’s lions in Trafalgar Square.

PEONIES: Glamorous, yet easy to grow – Val Bourne explains more.

GARDENS: Tiffany Daneff vists the walled garden of Culham Court in Berkshire.

RECIPE: Melanie Johnson on broad beans.

WATER BOATMEN: Ian Morton takes a look at the uncanny insects which walk on water.

ARCHITECTURE: John Goodall looks at English houses in the 17th century, an age of revolution and restoration.

AND MUCH MORE BESIDES: Interiors, luxury, books, art, and Nick Foulkes on the changing shape of the humble wristwatch.