Country Life 26 July 2023

Country Life 26 July 2023 looks at lurchers, beavers and beach cricket.

‘There’s something regal about them’

Katy Birchall examines how the lurcher made the bounding leap from poacher’s pal to family pet

Swiftly does it

Meet the bird whose feet rarely touch the ground—Mark Cocker marvels at pure avian artistry

Rooted in tradition

Jeremy Musson experiences a 21st-century Reptonian thrill on visiting the idyllic rural setting of Wield Park in Hampshire

Are we too eager for beavers?

Friend or foe? Simon Lester weighs up whether we are truly ready for this rodent’s return after an absence of 400 years

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Graham Lloyd-Brunt’s favourite painting

The garden designer chooses a restful and satisfying work

A question of balance

Restoring our farmland flora and fauna is a must—wolves can wait, says John Lewis-Stempel

Native breeds

Kate Green lauds a local hero, the handsome Dartmoor pony

Eel meat again

These slippery characters fed princes and paupers—and paid the rent, reveals Jeremy Hobson

Nothing but sunshine and a sea breeze

Everything is Ship-shape when Steve King goes into bat for the beach cricket team at Elie in Fife

Of fish and men

David Profumo pays tribute to visionary fisherman Mick May


Fancy festivals, travelling light and Jack Savoretti’s favourite things


Giles Kime savours a seamless blend of old and new in Jersey

Wave power

Tiffany Daneff discovers a bold and inspired new flower garden at Park House, Cambridgeshire

Kitchen garden cook

Melanie Johnson celebrates the hearty, homegrown runner bean

Oh deer, oh deer

John Lewis-Stempel ponders stags and stag beetles amid the breathing lungs of London

Weaving her magic

Laura Ellen Bacon explains the ins and outs of her mesmerising craft to a transfixed Ben Lerwill

And much more