Country Life 3 November 2021

Country Life 3 November 2021 explores castles, admires poppies and ponders the joy of the toasted marshmallow.

Also this week is our annual Gentleman’s Life supplement, which covers everything from skiing and watches to the Mini’s dominance of the international rally circuit in the 1960s — as well as a piece on how to cook the perfect chips.

Here’s what’s in the issue itself:

HEDGES: Why we all need more hedges. Let’s get planting.

CARLA CARLISLE: Carla reflects on not being homesick for the South.

POPPIES: Common it may be, but the poppy has the power to uplift like few others.

Recommended videos for you

BIRDS: Birds have long flown into the world’s cultural consciousness, from ancient Iran to modern laboratories, explains Alex Bond.

PARKIN: Bonfire Night wouldn’t taste the same without a slab of parkin, believes Debora Robertson.

MARSHMALLOWS: Katy Birchall on their unexpected gooey history.

LONDON LIFE: The capital’s famous front doors, a forest in Chelsea, living the high life in Highgate and Richard Gladwin’s favourite city corners.

MY FAVOURITE PAINTING: Jeremy Swift picks a paradoxical perspective painting.

THE FORTH BRIDGE: Jack Watkins admires an engineering marvel.

GILLING CASTLE: John Goodall examines little-known Gilling Castle, North Yorkshire.

INTERIORS: Fireplaces for cosy nights and why British stone is on the menu.

THE GOOD STUFF: Hetty Lintell on November’s birthstone, golden citrine.

GARDENS: The Italian home of Arabella Lennox-Boyd, Palazzo Parisi in Umbria, is a garden of delights.

FOOD: Kitchen garden cook Melanie Johnson serves swede.

And much more