Country Life May 9 2018

Country Life May 9 2018 has advice on heirlooms, carrots and our Country Life International supplement.

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HEIRLOOMS: Why it matters that you own some things so fine that you’ll want to pass them on to your children – and they’ll actually want them in return

PAINSHILL PARK: A Surrey landscape brought back to life.

How they’ve inspired legend, art, superstition and literature for millennia.

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CARROTS: How to make them zing with as much flavour as they already have colour.

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PROPERTY: The best homes in Britain for sale.

WATCHES: How to choose a watch good enough to pass on to the next generation.


FAVOURITE PAINTING: The singer Humphrey Berney chooses a dramatic Norfolk landscape

LAPWINGS: The distinctive peewit sound is becoming rarer and rarer, and our correspondent is concerned.

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