Hearthounds: Helping Dogs Of The Homeless is a new charity that has been set up to provide awareness of homeless people and their dogs, and also to provide supplies and care for them and their canine companion.

 Cassie and Sean in Norwich

Many homeless in this country are unable to stay at hostels and shelters as several will not take dogs. Often feeding their dogs before themselves, these dog owners are left without many options, loyal to their pet.

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Natalie Pomroy, Sarah Fretwell and Adam Goldsworthy Johnson have set up the Hearthounds not-for-profit organisation in the hope of providing assistance and advice to those who find themselves homeless with their dogs.

 Hearthounds have helped Honey

They are gathering volunteers and handing out packs, made up of donated items, to those living on the street. Public donations include necessary items such as sleeping bags, tinned food, canine skin antibiotics, bowls, pet blankets and dog treats. They are also hoping to flea and worm dogs.

More information on donating items, volunteering or giving donations via paypal as well as contact details can be found on the Hearthounds website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hearthounds-Helping-dogs-of-the-homeless/120086538058792

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  • Pets of the Homeless Sydney

    This is such an important issue that doesn’t get enough attention! Hearthounds does amazing work to make an impact in the sector. We share a similar cause here in Sydney, Australia where we hope to see more pet-friendly shelters and refuges. What are your thoughts on letting animals into these housing options for the homeless?

  • Michele Cotton

    I am so pleased to see an article about this amazing group of people who so selflessly put in so much of their own time and money to help the homeless people and their dogs.

  • Hilary Backhouse

    This is a great organisation. If everyone reading this donated just £1 it would go a long way towards helping with vets bills, food etc.


    How wonderful, so proud. I hope this goes global. Also hope the ex military get help too.
    Hearthounds you are hero’s.