Property Guide to the Scottish Borders

The Borders has always had an active housing market but lately prices have gone through the roof, as a spillover from the Edinburgh boom moves south down the A7 and…

Lucca: the New Chianti?

From the vineyards threading between Florence and Siena to the popular 'Chianti-shire' and growingly-recognised Lucchesia, Carla Passino locates the varied, but universally desirable hotspots of the Tuscan property market.

Property in Shropshire

Large estates are still a feature of the Shropshire countryside. Prices are still favourable in comparison with the South-East, although lack of supply can push them up

Property in Gloucestershire

One of the most sought-after counties in England, Gloucestershire is given added appeal by the fact that both the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne have made their homes there

Property in Central Scotland

Central Scotland boasts a number of small farmhouses and large castles, but manse or factor's houses, the equivalent to the English rectory, are relatively scarce and command a premium

Property in South West Scotland

The unspoilt countryside and mild climate of South West Scotland have attracted the interest of country house buyers. Property prices are steeper near major towns and good transport links

Property in Co. Durham

Even though parts are industrialised, the county of Durham still has many rural areas, and some of the best open riding and walking country in England.

Property in Cumbria

The most sought-after properties in Cumbria are situated in the Lake District, where any house fronting one of the lakes commands an instant premium

Property in Oxfordshire

A prosperous county within easy reach from London, Oxfordshire boasts a good supply of cottages and farmhouses and a smaller number of manor houses

Property in Nottinghamshire

The most sought-after areas to live in Nottinghamshire include the Vale of Belvoir and the western side of the Dukeries. Prices are lower in the former mining areas

Property in Cambridgeshire

Good links to London and a thriving high-tech industry ensure that property prices in Cambridgeshire are on the same level as Essex and Hertfordshire

Property in Yorkshire

Renowned for its dramatic landscapes and excellent sport, Yorkshire boasts an abundance of good stone properties, while timber-framed buildings are rare

Property in Northamptonshire

Ideal for hunting and convenient for communting, Northamptonshire has a great many attractive country houses - although only a few ever come to the market.

Property in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire has been little explored by country-house buyers, and prices are good value. Although it has never historically been fashionable, the county boasts the beautiful Ouse valley

Property in Worcestershire

Despite having a few sprawling towns, Worcestershire remains deeply rural. Its beautiful scenery and reasonable property prices have long attracted Midland buyers, but the county is now becoming popular with…

Property in Northumberland

One of England's least populated counties, Northumberland nevertheless has a buoyant property market as the supply of good country houses is limited

Property in Buckinghamshire

South Buckinghamshire tends to have a more fluid population than the north, and a better supply of country houses, but prices are inevitably higher

Property in North Wales

Largely montainous, North Wales boasts some of the best scenery in the region. Prices are steepest in the north-east, within a half-hour's drive from Chester.

Property in London

While Kensington, Chelsea and Belgravia still remain the most highly regarded areas in the London property market, outside the centre, south-west London is still the most desirable area to buy.