Asparagus tart

A recipe for early summer when British asparagus is in season.

First, line an 8in flan ring with short pastry and bake it blind in a medium-hot oven.

Next, steam 24 spears of asparagus until they are just tender.

Reserve half of the asparagus, and blend the rest in a liquidiser or a food processor together with four eggs,

300ml cream, 150ml milk and a small bunch of fresh chervil.

Season with salt and pepper and add a dessert spoon of freshly grated Parmesan.

Arrange the asparagus spears neatly in the flan crust and cover with the blended mixture.

Bake the tart in a medium-hot oven for about 25 minutes – the filling should be just set.

The tart can be served hot or cold and goes well with boiled new potatoes and salad leaves.