When it was launched, the original L200 was hailed as the king of pick-ups, the undisputed lord of the load. Eighteen years and one model change later it was still leader of the pack. But times change, vehicles evolve, and Mitsubishi have moved the goalposts once again. The all new L200 is stronger, safer, more manoeuvrable and better to drive; it?s also far more powerful yet more economical and much more comfortable too. It?s every single one of these comparatives, not by just a little, but by a huge amount. In fact, whilst its styling sets the standard which others will aim for, every thing underneath has taken such a dramatic leap in excellence that it?s completely shattered the mould. The old king is gone, long live the new king.

Never before has a pick-up looked like this. Never before has a pickup driven like this. Gone is the old torsion bar front suspension traditional amongst pick-ups, and in its place are independent double wishbones and coiled springs ? just as tough, just as workmanlike but giving you a far, far better ride. Gone is the old re-circulating ball steering and in its place a power assisted rack and pinion set up, which means that compared with its peers the new L200 will turn on a sixpence ? a real boon when parking. And on Warrior, Animal and Elegance models, you can even rely on an electronic stability and traction control system to control the braking and power distribution to individual wheels for superior handling in tricky conditions ? something you?ll not find in any other pick-up anywhere.

The L200 has always been synonymous with outstanding build-quality and excellent levels of specification, but this new L200 is a revelation ? the dash is shapely, the dials stunning, and the ergonomics exceptional. Build-quality has been taken to new heights with vastly improved finishes and attention to detail and the specification is such that you can enjoy electric windows, air conditioning and a CD player with MP3 capability on virtually every model.