Luxury overseas property club

Everlands Life is a new destination club with what will be 45 properties in some of the most stunning locations all over the world. Membership allows families to stay in these properties, and on these estates, for an unlimited amount of time each year, taking the stress of second home management out of members’ hands.

The idea behind Everlands is that the Club will buy and manage properties of outstanding beauty and value, with a conservation element to all of the places they purchase. The founders are keen to stress that the properties they choose will be preserved as a result of their purchase, and membership, which is by invitation only, will be extended in particular to individuals who have a genuine concern for the natural environment.

All 45 properties are not yet bought or up and running, but those currently available to visit are Lone Mountain Ranch in the Rocky Mountains – one of the foremost year-round sporting destinations in the world – and The Point on Upper Saranca Lake, which was built by William Avery Rockerfeller, and has over 70 acres of breathtaking countryside through which to adventure.

The destinations are not just limited to the States: Everlands are negotiating on properties all over the world, including houses in Turks and Caicos, Croatia, Russia, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand and an explorer ship complete with helicopter. Their property in the UK is already up and running – Hotel Endsleigh in Devon is a stunning boutique hotel which has already garnered an enormous amount of praise. Set in beautiful countryside just a few miles from Tavistock it’s a perfect base from which to explore the countryside, and there are plenty of sporting opportunities nearby, from fishing to fieldsports.

Members will own equity in all the properties, animals, vehicles and so on, and all the experiences at each house are included in the membership, which costs an initial fee of $1m with annual fees of $40,000. The club is aiming for 100 members and full membership is expected to be achieved in the next five years.

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Unlike some other destination clubs, Everlands properties will not be private houses, but small luxury hotels which means that you may well bump into other members while you’re holidaying there although this is unlikely to upset any plans for seclusion – the hotels will be exclusive enough to be able to accommodate those who are after complete privacy.

There are to be no more than 15 bedrooms in each small property, an intentional plan to foster connections and philanthropy between likeminded people with an interest in the environment and conservation – all dining is communal. There will also be an annual conservation prize awarded by Everlands which is to go to an individual or number of individuals who have contributed an outstanding amount to conservation issues, voted for by the members and funded by members’ contributions.

The club is being backed by some high profile figures including the Mehman Brothers and venture capitalist Bob Birch and Zaha Hadid is also on board.

For further information please +44.(0)207 736 9726 or visit