Norfolk Broad for Sale

Thursday, June 3 2004

Brundall Inner Broad, situated on the River Yare, has been given a guide price of £875,000 but many suspect this treasured property, which consists of approximately 1.3 hectares of open water, is sure to command a far higher price.

The Norfolk Broads are made up of about 50 shallow lakes and pools, most of which are privately owned. Originating from medieval times, they are thought to be flooded peat workings. However they are now rich, natural habitats for a wide range of ecosystems, as well as being a haven for boating and angling enthusiasts.

For an entire Broad to come up for sale is an exceptionally rare occurrence. One of the main attractions to the lucky new owner of Brundall Inner Broad will be the quality of the fishing available.

In 1975, Colin Chapman, former owner of the Broad and founder of Lotus Cars, dredged the lake in order to remove soil as part of a programme approved by the Broads Authority. Studies have shown that this has led to a thriving population of fish, with an abundance of roach and pike, which has not been fished seriously for years.

Debbie Linder, the current owner, said: ‘The Broad is truly the only one of its kind, totally natural for at least the last thirty years. Today it supports a sensational variety of flora and fauna, fish, birds and wild animals mainly indigenous to the area.’

The property is offered by Waterside-Properties of Norfolk. All offers will be submitted using a sealed bid system by July 26 2004.