Poll has buyers looking to the country

Countrylife.co.uk has had hundreds of responses to its latest poll which asked whether users were planning to sell and buy a house this year; to sell and rent a property, or to sit tight. A majority of 48% answered that they were planning to sell their current property and buy a new house before Christmas.

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‘There is a distinct feeling that, for those who have been waiting to sell, the time is finally right,’ said Holly Kirkwood, web editor at Countrylife.co.uk. ‘Many families who are either in London and want to move to the countryside in time to put young children into school, or already in the country and need to trade up or down have decided prices have adjusted properly and there is little point in waiting further.’

‘Property search in classic areas such as Kent, Hampshire and West Sussex is on the increase, as families look for new places to live this autumn, and this poll is just an indicator that the autumn market is now fully underway.’

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