Security Most Important for Homebuyers

As the property market continues to cool, buyers are becoming increasingly discerning, with many taking into consideration a property?s future saleability.

Home finding company The Buying Solution has released a list of the features it has found to be most sought after by buyers of large country properties, as well as the features by which most buyers are instantly put off.

Top of buyers? wish lists are security and privacy, attributes which, the Buying Solution believes, can add up to 20% to the value of a property, as well as make it much easier to sell on. Conversely, buyers will be instantly repelled the property is overlooked by other houses, an unwelcome feature which tops the list of turn offs.

Water is the second most highly sought after feature, whether in the form of a sea view or a river at the end of a garden. However, buyers will look elsewhere if the peace is disturbed. The second greatest turn off is noise from nearby roads, trains or flight paths.

Philip Selway, head of country buying at The Buying Solution, said: ?Despite the slowing market, competition remains fierce in the country. People looking to buy should bear these in mind for the future to ensure they get the best deal possible when they come to sell their property. People who buy substantial houses demand privacy and that often means a house at the end of a long carriage drive. Privacy and security are today?s mantra for clients wanting to purchase homes in the countryside.?

Top ten turn-ons for buyers

1 – Security and privacy

2 – Water (sea, rivers, lakes)

3 – Good uninterrupted views

4 – Peace and quiet / carriage driveways

5 – Period features

6 – Good design and decoration

7 – Staff cottages

8 – Potential to develop a sporting estate (shooting or fishing)

9 – Indoor swimming pool / tennis court

10 – Good village or market town atmosphere

Top ten turn-offs

1 – Overlooked by other houses

2 – Road, train, flight paths overhead

3 – Pylons in sight

4 – Schools and recreation grounds close by

5 – Small kitchens

6 – Footpaths across properties

7 – Cheap furnishings and fittings

8 – No land with the house

9 – History of previous flooding

10 – Poorly converted properties