A debutante’s diary: Meeting Mr Morland Hutton

Tuesday September 8th, 1868

And who may this friend be?’ I asked, knowing perfectly well all the time. ‘Why George Morland Hutton, of course,’ came the reply. ‘He came up to me raving about you. I never was so surprised in my life. May I fetch him?’ I gave him the required permission and five minutes later was chatting merrily with the object of my admiration. He is handsomer than ever when seen at close quarters and very agreeable.

Cold, did Mr Creyke say? I’ll never believe it with such eyes as those. Of course it occurred to me that it would be rather pleasant to try the experiment, and have the owner of the eyes still further to enliven lively Kelham: but I thought it too flattering to ask him myself, as May had directed me to; and after due manoeuvring, got Mr Creyke, who is really very convenient, to do it instead.

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‘He won’t come though,’ he assured me. ‘He doesn’t like Mrs M. Sutton, and has often refused her invitations. Besides I know he’s staying with Lord Halifax.’ My answer was short, concise and to the point. ‘Do as you’re told, please, and don’t argue.’

He did as he was told, and Mr Morland Hutton said he would be perfectly delighted to come, if only he could manage it with Lord Halifax. ‘Couldn’t you get a telegraph?’ I asked demurely. ‘Of course!’ was the answer. ‘That’s a most brilliant idea and just what I shall do so expect me Friday in time for dinner.’

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