Country mouse considers class warfare

Robbing the rich.

‘ This is not some kind of class warfare.’ Those words by Scotland’s new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon were her response to the kerfuffle caused by her announcement that she intends to reform land ownership, force shooting estates to pay business rates and raise the top rate of Income Tax, wrapped up in a direct threat to landowners who pose a barrier to ‘sustainable development’. Poor Scotland.

This class warfare has been felt before with the Hunting Act 2004. Despite Tony Blair admitting now that it was one of his bigger mistakes, Scottish MPs helped ban the sport twice, once in their own country and then again when they were allowed to vote on banning it in England.

These days, you can’t be racist, sexist or ageist, but attacking the wealthy is all the rage. Being rich is no crime—it just means that you have a lot of money and pay a lot of tax: the top 1% of Income Tax payers contribute about a third of all the tax received by HMRC. Where would the country be without them? Certainly, those who spend their money on aiding nature and the environment through the management of Scotland’s beautiful landscape deserve our praise, not our scorn.