Town Mouse on Dave Cameron

This week, I was offered the chance to attend fundraising drinks for the Conservative Party, at which David Cameron was the star guest of honour. I could not resist the opportunity to see the Leader in the flesh (smooth and baby-like with a slight sheen of glitz?something that all people who appear on the television a lot seem to have?if you’re interested) and tootled along. The excitement was palpable: this was, after all, the week in which Gordon Brown was increasingly taking on the appearance of a wounded animal in the corner and Mr Cameron was shooting ahead in every poll.

But, although I wish every bit of luck to the party and its endeavours, I couldn’t help feeling that its PM-in-waiting has something of a tough task ahead. Not in winning over the electorate, but in making the members of his party resemble the electorate. He was a good 20 years younger than most of the people there, and a good deal better dressed. For the rest, think taffeta, gold buttons and the original Sloane Ranger Handbook fans. Clothes may not maketh the man, but they maketh the image. The Tories need to talk to Trinny and Susannah.

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