12 different uses for lemons

1) Use as an exfoliator for the face and body – 1 part oil 2 parts sugar and lemon juice.

2) Lemon with Honey mixed with water is excellent for colds and fevers.

3) Lemon and Ginger in boiled water is detoxifying and an excellent liver cleanser. Drink first thing in the morning to speed up the metabolism and cleanse the system.

4) Lemon on its own – helps aid indigestion as it balances out the stomach acids. Add a slice of lemon to luke warm water after a meal.

5) Salad dressing: Create a mix of olive oil, rock salt, lemon and balsamic vinegar and shake together in a jam jar.  

6) Room Freshener – add a few drops to the water in an aromatherapy lamp or refill a plug-in with water and a few drops of oil and the lemon oil has a calming effect and increases concentration – so good for the office.

7) Gargle with lemon and sea salt for a sore throat.

8) Use a poultice of lemon and honey for eczema – leave a linen cloth soaked in a mixture of lemon and honey for about 15 minutes to sooth sore skin.

9) Chew a small lemon slice to freshen the breath – but as with all fruit juices remember not to brush your teeth straight away else you could damage the enamel.

10) Lemon scent can also keep the bugs away. Soak a cotton wool ball in the water and oil for your bedroom, or add a few drops to sunflower oil and rub into the skin when out in the evening.

11) Add a few drops of lemon oil, cypress oil and honey to a bath ad soak for 15 minutes for varicose and spider veins.

12) Lemons are also good for the skin due to their antibacterial properties and can also fade acne scarring – squeeze half a lemon into a bowl and use a cotton ball to put a light layer on the face – leave on for 15 minutes.