Tom Turner Architects

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Address Stanmer House, Stanmer Village, Brighton, BN1 9QA

Bringing together an appreciation of the past with an understanding of how we live now.

Working with the past

Tom Turner and his team are inspired by the beauty of vernacular farmhouses, Jacobean manors and Georgian formality. The common thread through every project is an appreciation of the past combined with an understanding of how we live now. The homes they design are natural to their place and loved by their owners.

A belief in the English House

The practice is interested in our cultural heritage, and how this leads to a feeling of belonging.  They know, too, that tradition is alive and constantly changing, and they are always alert to new possibilities. 

They believe that good architecture is timeless and defined by craft, proportion and atmosphere, rather than by style. This is the philosophy that anchors their projects.

A trusted process

By forming a strong partnership with their clients, Tom and his team do everything they can to transform what could be a stressful endeavour into an enriching journey.

Understanding that a building project can be a demanding experience requiring significant resources and determination, they have developed a rigorous process to ensure that the time and money invested in a project are well placed.

Myrtle Grove by Tom Turner. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2019

A belief in the English House.

The beauty of vernacular farmhouses, Jacobean manors, and Georgian formality is at the core of the work of Tom Turner Architects. The evolution of the English house is such fertile ground for inspiration. If you feel the same, our conversation will begin by admiring the beautiful buildings left to us by previous generations. 

The conversation then turns to the present. How can your project draw on the qualities of these houses and at the same time work for you? And so we begin a new chapter in the evolution of the English House, written as a collaboration between us.

The common thread through every project is an appreciation of the past combined with an understanding of how we live now. The result is a home that is natural to its environment and loved by you.

Life-enhancing homes

The team creates homes that allow you to feel good and live your best life. In every project, the goal is to connect with the emotional essence ingrained within the house and its surroundings, seamlessly blending it with new elements to resonate with you now, and with future generations. 

Each project is approached with creativity and flair, delivering more than clients could ever have imagined.

A small harmonious team

When Tom set up the practice, it was natural for him to return to his Sussex roots and the buildings he loved from his childhood. Tom Turner Architects are now a small harmonious team, all as invested as each other in the idea of the English Country House. 

For them and for their clients, there’s always a pleasure in discovering the secrets of the past and unearthing future possibilities.

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